Discover The Magic of Mindogarden and Live a Unique Experience, Enjoy a Wonderful Place Where the Best ENERGY of the World Focuses.

5 Reasons For Choosing Us…

Our Own Ecological Reserve, where the best bird watching is achieved with a list of over 480 species, approximately 5 km of trails, reaching a height in the highest hill of 1400 m above the river. The award… a spectacular panoramic view of the whole valley of Mindo.

We have Exclusive Trails, that lead to territory inhabited bys monkeys, deer, bears, squirrels, agoutis, among others, making you feel a true jungle experience.

Mindogarden has 4Km. of Riverfront, creating a link with nature and charm. 25 years ago, we choose Mindo to be one of our special destinations, due to the high concentration of natural energy, beauty, magic and the wide variety of native species, some of them unique in the world.

Our reserve has Natural Water Resources, 5 mineralized water springs of the highest quality and 4 exclusive waterfalls. Our specialized guides will lead you to discover great treasures that Mindo cloud forest ofers.

First Class Gastronomy, exquisite typical food with ingredients from the area, and international cuisine unmatched which will make you enjoy a blend of unique flavors, to captivate your stay with each of the specialties of our Chef, transforming every moment in a unforgettable experience.

Outdoor Activities


Enjoy the Best Bird Watching in Mindogarden Reserve, more than 140 hectares to explore and observe the best species in the area. Mindo is regarded worldwide as an icon in birdwatching destination, awarded by Audubon magazine 4 times, counting more than 450 species.



Birdwatching in Mindo

Unify your body with your soul in a crowded place to relax with our yoga sessions charm sandbox. Take the primitive forest energy and magic. It feels like your body becomes a kind of vertebral or "antenna" column between the earth (telluric) and heaven (the etheric).


Explore our unique trails, filled with an awesome biodiversity. Discover the hidden magic of a primary forest where you can take refuge in the warm waters of 4 private waterfalls while listening to the pleasant sound of the river and the delightful song of birds of the area.

Totally Comfortable Cottages

Feel like part of nature and relax in our huts full of harmony and comfort.

Enjoy your stay while observing animals as diverse as squirrels, butterflies, hummingbirds and other beautiful birds.


Double Bedroom Double Bedroom

Rest peacefully in the bright rooms of Mindogarden while listening to nature and enjoy a unique river view. All have private bathrooms with hot water.

Double Bedroom

Double Bedroom 

texto room 2

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Triple Room Triple Room

Mindogarden offers unparalleled room to enjoy with your family for an unforgettable stay surrounded by unique nature and the song of birds landscapes, certainly a unique experience.

Triple Room

Triple Room 

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Large Quad Room Large Quad Room

Ideal for couples traveling with their children, looking to enjoy comfort and relaxation, living the best experience with your family, in one of the most beautiful places in Ecuador.

Large Quad Room

Large Quad Room 

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How to get…

Mindo is one hour and thirty minutes away from the city of Quito. You can come by car using the road to the coast via Middle of the World, the banks, the Independence. From the Terminal of Carcelén more frequent buses traveling towards San Miguel de los Bancos or Esmeraldas. You can take any of these buses to the “Y Mindo”. Some of the companies are Kennedy, Aloag and San Pedrito. We recommend be in the terminal at least 30 minutes before the departure time. You can also opt for our private shuttle van or car.


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